Tell us about your company. We will form your thoughts and ideas into a working logo design.

Delivery in a week

Be sure to fill out our questionnaire carefully, so our designers will get a good picture how your company works and where its targets are. This will ensure the best possible results with designing your logo and corporate identity.

We recommend ordering logo proposals from several of our designers, as you will get two sides of the story and a possibility to choose.

All our packages include a revision option. In case you are not satisfied with the proposed design, you can suggest how we can make it work for you. If the design isn’t right for you after the revision, you are free to make further suggestions, and we will work with you with the hourly charge significantly discounted.

In case filling out the questionnaire is difficult for you, you can give us a call or simply send us an email and we will get back to you.

We will bill you by email after you have sent us an order. As soon as the payment is cleared, our designers will start working on your logo.

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