One or two logos – with or without an identity package

Option your design the way you want it

  • Single logo package

  • Example
  • One logo design
  • Revision option for the proposal
  • Three files (eps, jpg and png) will be delivered
  • 549 €
  • Double logo package

  • Example
  • Two logo designs
  • Two different designers, both produce a design
  • Revision option for the selected proposal
  • Three files (eps, jpg and png) will be delivered
  • 749 €
  • Corporate identity

  • Example
  • Colour scheme br/>(Colours in CMYK & RGB palettes)
  • Typography
    (Headline font, body text font, Web font)
  • Graphic instructions (A4, pdf)
  • 199 €
  • Social media package

  • The design will be embedded on a social media account
  • + 99 €
  • Business card

  • Includes a business card design based on the new corporate identity
  • Print-ready PDF file
  • 299 €
  • Extra files per person
  • + 69 €
  • Updating an older logo

  • Bringing an existing vectorized logo into up to date
  • Can include colour adjustment, signage changes or typography rework
  • 299 €

(Prices excluding VAT.)

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The logo is often the first thing your customers will see. It is designed to combine your business idea, your target group and your values into one.

When it comes to logos, simplicity is key, and the design will have to work when applied to both print and digital media.

We have three logo packages in our price list. You can choose, if a single logo is enough for you or whether you want to see the ideas of two designers’ and choose between them to further cultivate a logo of your liking.

We can also rework an older logo, if you do not want to start afresh. This requires that a vector format version of the older logo exists.


When you select a corporate identity package to go with your logo, your company will receive a tailored colour scheme selected from hundreds of different shades. Detailed instructions will help you to make sure the colours are correctly reproduced everywhere you use them.


As well as signature colours, the corporate identity package will include a set of fonts. They will support any other graphic material, giving your basic corporate identity a detailed look. Depending of the logo, it may be based on an existing font, giving you the opportunity to use the font in other material as well.

The basic appearance package will also include a web font.

Social Media

With a Social Media package, your new corporate identity will be applied on the social media account of your choice. You can choose from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Business card

We also offer a business card design based on the new corporate identity. This means you can immediately start using the new identity.

If you have a lot of staff, it is advised to ask for a separate quote for creating the print files.

Other Media

You are free to ask of our other services. We can also embed the design on a web page or printed marketing material. In case your company does not yet have a website, we will gladly tailor you a separate offer.